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A research of 3D LiDAR point cloud-based simultaneous dynamic object tracking and classification technology

Deep learning-based, Object detection, Object tracking, LiDAR

Autonomous driving verification in 5G-based cloud-vehicular edge

Vehicle- to-everything (V2X), Cloud-vehicle edge environment, Optimization

ROS2 middleware-based application for APU

ROS2 middleware, SOME/IP, Vehicle control, APU(VPC-P)

Lane-level Route Validation

Precise Map Based Local Route, Perception Based Local Route, Autonomous Vehicle

Artificial intelligence dataset construction

AI Dataset Construction, Semantic Point Cloud, HD Map, Localization Algorithm

Road surface detection

Road condition estimation, Network optimization & deployment

PAV landing system based on ArUco Marker detection

PAV Application, Auto-landing System, Vision Detection

Adverse weather data augmentation of LiDAR for AI model

Data augmentation, Semantic segmentation, Adverse weather data

RCS-weighted Map Matching Localization using 4D Imaging Radar

Radar cross section, Map Matching, Localization, 4D imanging radar

Interaction-aware motion prediction of surrounding vehicles

Motion Prediction, Deep-learning, Graph Neural Network

Automatic weight tuning for personalized car-following control

Motion control, Personal driving, MPC

Automatic Headlamp leveling System

State Estimation, Dead-reckoning, Head-lamp auto Leveling

Localization based on Holistic Matching of Multiple Landmarks on Image and SPCM

Localization, Holistic matching, SPCM, Landmark detection

Dataset consultation

Research trend survey, Autonomous Driving Dataset, Deep learning

Point Cloud Panoptic Segmentation

Sensor Fusion, Multi-modality, Panoptic segmentation

Sensor Fusion Utilizing Semantic Data To Improve Recognition

Sensor Fusion, Multi-modality, Semantic segmentation

WoodScape Perception

Fisheye Camera , Online, Real-time, Semantic Segmentation

Development of Tracking Algorithm using 4D Imaging Radar

Object Tracking, 4D Imaging Radar, Lane-aided Tracking

Big data

AD dataset, Meta data, Semantic data, Annotation

Fish-eye Camera Viewpoint Adaptation

Fisheye Camera , Domain adaptation, Semantic Segmentation

LiDAR-Video Fusion

Synchronization, Calibration, Sensor fusion

Demonstration of self-driving valet parking service using real-time parking space information

Automatic Parking, Parking Space Detection, Parking Control Algorithm, 5G

Highway overtake decision for autonomous driving

Motion planning, Machine learning, Dynamic scenario

Dataset for semantic global point cloud map

Map Matching, HD Map, Motion Estimation

Graph-based Multi-sensor Extrinsic Calibration

Sensor Calibration, Graph-based. Pose Estimation

Woodscape panoptic segmentation

Sensor Fusion, Multi-modality, Panoptic segmentation

High-definition (HD) map building based on autonomous cars

HD map, LiDAR SLAM, Feature segmentation

Sensor Fusion Utilizing Semantic Data To Improve Recognition (II)

Multi-sensor fusion, Object classification, Calibration

Online / offline point cloud semantic segmentation

Map Matching, HD Map, Motion Estimation

Research for 5G-based automatic valet parking system through combining dynamic map and autonomous vehicle dynamic information

Automatic Parking, Parking Space Detection, Parking Control Algorithm, 5G

HD map usability verification for autonomous car

HD Map, Level 4 Autonomous Driving

Hybrid trajectory planning for autonomous racing

Planning, Autonomous Racing

Optimization-based trajectory planning and digital twin-based verification

Trajectory planning, Optimization, Trajectory validation

Optimization-based trajectory planning

Trajectory planning, Optimization, Trajectory validation, Replanning decision

Auto-tuning for autonomous vehicle controller

Controller Tuning, Global Optimization, Model Predictive Control

Digital twin-based vehicle controller development and evaluation

Vehicle control, MPC, Digital twin

Crowd sourced map data

Crowd Sourced Map, Heatmap

Hierarchical motion prediction for highway scenarios

Motion prediction, Dynamic scenario

Valeo DART SW Platform for Level 4 AD

SLAM, HD Map, Object Motion Prediction, Machine Learning

Road Surface SLAM and Condition Recognition for Preview Suspension

LiDAR, Local Point Cloud Mapping, Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation

Development of map matching algorithm robust to the matching errors between HD map and perception

Map Matching, HD Map, Motion Estimation

Simultaneous Localization and Calibration using LiDAR

Road Surface Mapping, Lidar Mapping, Road Surface Profile

DART SW Platform for Level 4 AD

Landmark Map, Graph SLAM, Covariance Estimation, Localization Integrity

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